Youth and Indian Culture


As usual, I was busy scrolling my facebook wall feed and I happened to come across a video shared by a page “101 India” narrating a story of a Deutsch woman who has been living for more than 5 years in India to find the path to spirituality.It definitely sent a shiver down my spine and got me goosebumps.


We have become completely blind to our aesthetic,beautiful and the rich Indian culture which has its very own special and idiosyncratic peculiarities until we run into some astonishing, jaw-dropping and awe-eliciting stories of foreigners living in India to obtain salvation and peace or the western countries adopting our culture and traditions.I’m definitely not opposed to this,but don’t you think somewhere deep down this is reciprocating in an untoward way.To be precise and compact, westernization is eradicating the roots of our culture and days won’t be far that our culture will be extinct.The youngsters nowadays are influenced by the concept of westernization and modernization.How can setting aside our very own languages like Sanskrit, Hindi and speaking in English the whole time just to display a highly sophisticated and ultra-modern lifestyle, be not called westernization?Since when did wearing Kurtis for young girls or draping a saree for an elderly woman become a sign of being too outdated and old-fashioned?Since when did celebrating days like valentine day and friendship day and celebrating our festivals like Diwali and Holi with comparatively less enthusiasm and zeal become so cool?”Westernization” is the answer to all of them.

No doubt every package comes with a set of pros and cons and so does our India culture wherein pitfalls like dowry, etc are prevalent even in some villages today.Instead of overlooking such issues we can definitely overcome them thereby enriching the culture and leaving no sign for the hypocrites to call it a baseless culture.

So, there is definitely no harm in learning and mastering the English language or donning new party-wears or trying out the western lifestyle unless it is posing a threat to effacing and uprooting our culture.As a proud Indian and a child of Mother India, we should definitely be aware of our values, of our “Sanskaras” that our elders have strived to imbibe and inculcate in us.We must learn and respect them.








via Daily Prompt: Restart

Depression because of failure is the worst thing a human experiences in life be it the failure faced by an entrepreneur in his business because of some recession or by a student who is not able to live up to his expectations of getting good grades or by a couple in the relationship.There comes a turning point in everybody’s life where one gathers the courage, puts himself together and is ready to take up the challenge.

As I was halfway through my final year of engineering, the hunch of “graduating without a job in hand” started surfacing my mind, considering my modest cgpa and an average profile. Deep down somewhere I was displeased and perturbed by the imbalance between my potential and my stats in the career till now, definitely the latter weighing less. I almost went MIA out of hopelessness.I could clearly see that I was being compelled by myself to stay motivated by keeping involved in inspirational stuff.There was a time when I was able to genuinely convince myself “Let it be” and to RESTART!

When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

“Let it be” – The Beatles

To the world out there who keeps on chanting “I wish I could restart my life!” , age is just a number and you need not be the electronic gadgets like a laptop to restart yourself.You are a human and still you can reboot your life by setting your targets and ambitions.You just need to expel all that is taking a toll on your physical, emotional and mental life and draining your energy and success levels.

Jeanne Sharbuno in her book “52 Ways To Live Success”  says, “Consider that an average person can tolerate up to 100 things at a time and each one weighing 20 pounds.So, that’s 2000 pounds you’re carrying on your back in the backpack of your life!”


We keep on telling ourselves to “never give up” .but how many of us succeed in grasping the real essence of these three words.We do bury some of our past failures but do we learn from them before taking up a new chapter?

Embarking on a new journey with or without the lessons from our failures and the confidence and contentment from our victories is what matters the most because “Life is all about sweet and sour experiences”.

To put in simple words, before the restart, you need to expel the trash or rather organize your “mind-room” cluttered with bric-a-brac, decide your modus operandi, stick to it, work hard but smart and there you’ll be with success knocking on your doors!”

Time shall stand still and the bliss will set in.

This is where you get to judiciously reestablish your life.

“Restarting the whole song over just because you missed your favorite part.”

So, get up, kick the butt, work your asses off and see the success.





Cherish the past!

via Daily Prompt: Cherish

Thanks to Ben H for today’s daily prompt: Cherish.

Loads of inspirational and motivational talks, speeches, books, quotes, sayings, etc keep flooding the internet market and the social media these days.Despite this, almost 60% of the world population today is in the state of bogged down either out of depression as a result of loneliness or failure or suffering from various ailments like severe brain damage, paralysis etc.No doubt the onset of senility brings in with it the latter ,but how unspeakable would you be when you hear”a 17-year-old dies of heart attack” or “brain haemorrhage takes a toll on a 23-year-old man” !A gut-wrenching portrait of the human life on earth, isn’t it?Multitudinous causes can be enumerated!Smoking, intense addiction to alcoholism merely for the sake of fun, insalubrious eating habits, unhealthy and unsatisfactory relationships accompanied by contentious disputes over trivial issues ultimately leading to anxiety and trauma and forget not the most concerned issue in the 21st century, the sedentary lifestyle of the people.

Well, you might be in a dubiousness that what has “Cherish” got to do with the above and where would it be leading to!

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.

-Eckhart Tolle

Yes!The most significant part of our body-our brain!

We can blame this part for all of our negativity, our jealousy, our hostility, etc.I believe there exists a part of brain governed and ruled by all these gloom-ridden emotions.The more we surround and indulge ourselves in the world of pessimism, the more likely it is for the melancholy and cynicism to hegemonize our brain.And the more we involve in activities that incorporate spreading happiness and joy, the more likely it is that we develop and inculcate a positive attitude towards life.

Cherishing can definitely contribute to spreading happiness and joy, be it cherishing of an aesthetic scenery of a sunset or the delightful and appealing panorama of stars twinkling in the sky, be it the cherishing of virtuousness and bounteousness of a philanthropist or the glamorousness and gorgeousness of a young lady, be it the cherishing of your past or the moments in the present that you are living right now.

The past is to be learned from not lived in.

It is our past that guides us in our life.We make mistakes, we learn from them and move on.This is the guru mantra to attain the pinnacle of success, because “Losers live in the past; Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.A life completely devoid of challenges and efforts would merely a lackluster story. “Rather than criticizing and condemning our past why not chose the path of admiring and appreciating the bygone days.Why not cherish those days of our endurance and efforts irrespective of whether we were succeeded or failed?Why not cherish those pitfalls we experienced while accomplishing a particular task?Why not cherish that faux pas which is too hard to be overlooked?Had there been an absence of them, what kind of success you could’ve bragged and boasted of?

Well, then go ahead, cherish what you’ve attempted or committed in your past because,

The past cannot be changed but the future is yet in your power.

Life: A voyage

Having sustained myself for 20 years,life has exhibited its trailer at such an age where an adult has almost reached the turning point in his  life.Now you might feel what  a 20 year old girl might have suffered agony to such an extent which has made her realize that life is an expedition we have already set our foot on and cannot turn our back on it.

Life definitely presents us with all kinds of emotions be it happiness or sadness,fear or anger.They say,”When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry,show life that you’ve thousand reasons to smile.”Indeed!Life is how we mould our thoughts,how we react to the situations we’ve to go through.For a girl losing her father at such a tender age is as bad as losing her hero ,her  love and surely a guiding hand on her shoulders.Never ever had I thought of such an unforeseen episode in my life.No doubt, accidents and mishaps on the roads can never be foreseen,calamities and disasters in the nature come unforetold, cataclysm in the world can never be forecasted. Similarly, the tragedies in our life are like bolt from the blue.They come all of a sudden and there you’re :flabbergasted and benumbed!You enter into a state of absolute astonishment where you’re completely unaware of how to respond.

That’s where life teaches you to overcome such setbacks.Then and there you get to know the real essence of life.Life’ll no longer  remain an adventure if there are no fluctuations in it just as the heart monitor goes flat when the patient is dead.It’s up to us how we deal with and defeat them.

Life may be full of pain,but that’s not an excuse to give up.

Watching two little girls playing merrily with their father certainly reminds me of my father.But when I see an orphan begging on the streets to survive ,definitely makes me feel bad but helps me in suppressing my low spirits.I,then look at the brighter side of my life,the perks life has awarded me with.That’s how I discovered my ways to triumph over the melancholy and accomplish the voyage of my life I’ve already embarked on.


Love..What is it all about?

Love.. just a word of 4 letters,verbally so easy to say ,isn’t it?Then why is it characterized as a heavy word.What does it exactly conveys?What kind of feelings or emotions does it emphasize?Is it the only “sex-kind-of-love” made by the couples?Is this word restricted to travel only through the talks between the couples?A perfect “NO” is what I would answer to these two stupid”yes-or-no” questions!

Love your enemies!

Now this may sound weird, as it’s coming out of nowhere.It’s like only when it comes to our friends,parents,relatives,soulmate ..this magical word”Love” appears.But,NO!.Strange to hear.Jesus himself has said this,”Love your enemies”.Why to love someone we hate the most and that is why they’re called enemy,right?Why show solicitude and compassion to someone whom we’re hostile with?

The answer to ’em may go this way:

Love is not all about our fondness ,our sympathy,our goodwill,etc confined just  to the people we know or to our near and dear ones .It has of course got to do with  our good character .It’s as good as look at the world with an optimistic view .Try to find the good side of , be it anything,like considering the good qualities of someone who is rude to us or who is really very selfish.Try to be kind and helpful to this world.Here I don’t intend to completely overlook the flaws in others.You need to consider them only as much is required.Do good to all.When in times of adverse conditions,try to give them a leg up.Try to assist them with all you’ve.

Never treat bad with a bad,wrong with a wrong,evil with evil,etc and so the list goes on.

The best revenge is to improve yourself

Maybe,now its clear what love exactly is made of.

Be good and do good.

The sir ,I admire the most…

They used to be my favorite weekend evenings,travelling through the KDMT buses,buying a ticket for Milap nagar, trying to find a seat somewhere or stand throughout the travel otherwise.

I still remember my first day at Muzumdar sir’s class.During the whole travel I kept thinking about how would it be and above all he being very strict was a hell lot scaring me.This scene resembled the way a small kid cries on his first day at the kindergarden(I wasn’t actually shedding  tears though).Completing the homework and switching off your cell-phones were some of the “must-do-never-forget” rules required to survive and thrive in sir’s class or else you would be a dead goose.

Punctuality,perfection,disciplined were some of his qualities that impressed me.Never ever had I met  a perfect sir until I met Muzumdar sir.His way of teaching constituted some magic which kept motivating me to read articles  more and more,be it from the newspapers or magazines.I offer my sincere  gratitude to sir for that magic he had with him which helped me to enhance my English.He was the one who taught  me the usage of the language in a creative manner.I can confidently say the sole reason to boost my English is Muzumdar sir.

Now that he is not there with us,he’ll be missed a lot.All those memories ,those moments spent during the classes ‘ll always be cherished.


My first blog

Hi there!.. my first blog, as the title says.

It’s a partly sunny afternoon and I decide to create my own blog.Being a “not-so-experienced” blogger, I find it that I’ve to put in a lot of mental efforts to write a blog about something.

They say,”a precise and an orderly construction of the ideas running through your mind is what makes a good write-up”.Forget not, a good vocabulary, which plays a paramount role.The more you write, the more you feel confident while expressing your thoughts.

Learn as much by writing as by reading