Moody Edit

Recently , I tried my hands at some different – Moody kind of edits , with the help of a youtube tutorial . Felt pretty cool!!! Gonna try some more .

Amazing tutorials for photo editing with the help of Lightroom .

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Masters this Fall or Next Fall ?!?!

So much of uncertainty has been swirling around whether or not to fly for Masters program in this Fall. I’m in a state of quandary on what to do ; vacillating between deferring the admit & start the program this Fall regardless of whether it’ll be held on campus or online.
If I think of starting my Master’s this Fall , consider I land there by end of August month , what if after a few months there’s a resurgence of the COVID-19 ?! What if the university decides to resume the classes online ? Then, it would be of no use to pay such extortionate fees and complete the semesters online .It would be as good as doing some courses online on Coursera,Udemy etc .And what if the odds are not in favour of us , International students in terms of job opportunities/ internships ,etc. It would be definitely to tough to survive in such scenario. It would be quite onerous then to cover our living expenses.

I’ve an admit for Masters in Engineering Management program from North Eastern university,Boston.

I would be glad to hear from you all your perspectives on this .

To post or not to.

I was in a state of quandary at first before posting this pic on my Instagram .I wasn’t sure how would followers react. But then , why give a rats ass to their thoughts !

Just do what the fuck you want to.Life is short , if you start paying heeds to their perspectives , you are just gonna live a life full of regrets .

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Make up

“Uski beti kitna make up karti h , pura din bus lipstick lagake ghumti h !”

Well , If you’re Indian ,you definitely might have come across such stereotypical aunties and their looks with askance, atleast once in your life ! Lucky you , if you have not ! Because to say “you’ve eluded them” would be far-fetched and “Whisper &Smear Campaign” is their moto.

No wonder ,all those aphorisms , ‘Looks are superficial’ ,etc do promulgate reality. But they don’t stop you from enhancing your already beautiful biological features!There are times when we feel so bogged down by looking at someone else’s symmetrical eyebrows or alluring lips and thoughts like ‘we don’t measure up to this standard of “beauty” ‘ start surfacing our mind.
Make up is a therapy for this .No matter ,how ephemeral and temporal this would be ,its just enough to bolster your confidence in yourself.And there you would be with all the ebullience and exuberance flowing through and around your mind & body as naturally as the air we breathe.

And how ridiculous is this alliance between a girl who loves during make up anytime or everytime and her capability to do work,be at her job or managing household chores.I mean,if putting on some lipstick and liner helps her feel confident ,why shouldn’t she ?So,eschew those preposterous tell tales and do whatever you feel would make you look more beautiful!


Hey guys ,

I just gave my TOEFL exam today. Many people would say “It’s much much easier than GRE!” Yes definitely it is ,unless you’re like me.

In my case,I scored 149 in verbal in GRE.

Although this has got nothing to do with TOEFL , I’m just trying to give an idea of where I stand when it comes to English.

So,TOEFL has these 4 sections : Reading ,Listening ,Speaking & Writing .

Writing section is similar to AWA.There ll be two questions in writing section.First question be an integrated type where you read passage consisting of 3-4 paragraphs and listen to an audio and then you’ll be asked to write an essay on around 250 words.You should note down all the details during the audio.The second question would be writing a 300 words long essay on a personal opinion.

Speaking is quite challenging but not if you remember your templates.Getting yourself acquaintaned to it’s pattern is of prime importance.It would consists of 4 questions,the format of each of which is fixed. Similar is the way of attempting the other sections.Memorise the templates ,practice a lot especially if you’re not confident and you’re good to go !!

Refer to the links below.


I scored 314 ( Q-149,V-165) & AWA 4.
I’m sharing the following tips which I found quite helpful for my GRE exam

1. Be thorough with the basics ,Most of the questions which you would come across in the exam would be quite straightforward ones barring one or two ,which would be tricky requiring more time to think over .
2. It’s as simple as – The more you practice the more you would be accurate .So keep practicing as many questions for quants as possible , keep a note of all your mistakes right from the beginning .I kept making silly mistakes during my practice ,quite risible mistakes 😅 may be due to over confidence 🤷🏻‍♀.But during exam , I was arrant alert to *not to* repeat such.
3.Make a formula sheet consisting all the formulas covering each and every topic .You can go through this on the day before you D Day.
4.Time management is equally important.So try solving at one go as much as possible so that you get to go through all the questions again.

*Verbal* – Being not so proficient at Verbal , I wouldn’t be able to give highly useful tips for this section . I’ll share whatever I found helpful .
1. I had solved each and every question of Manhattan 5lb for TC&SE along with the Princeton review book (1014questions book) and they did help
2. I had made a list along with meaning of all the words I came across which I used to go though every day .
3.Keep practicing RCs as much as possible. Although I couldn’t do them much.

1. Go through the topics given on the ETS site .
2. Since I wasn’t feeling confident enough that I would be able to write during the exam without practicing, I tried attempting them , 4-5 ,two days before my GRE.
3. If you got a good command over it , it’s quite easy .

1.Its preferable to give one of the two power preps before commencing with your preparation and one few days before your exam. I gave both of them before my prep itself,which was a mistake ,though.
2.Besides ,Manhattan 6 practice tests and Princeton tests are also useful.

Making a habit of sitting for around *4.5 hours* is *must* .
I messed it up a bit during my GRE since I was not prepared mentally and physically to sit for such a long time. Besides,the nervousness took a toll on my score too. 🥴
So,keep giving full length tests ,which you would get in Princeton .Since,Manhattan doesn’t have an experimental section.

Stay calm during your examination .Trust your preparation!
Hope you guys find ’em👆🏻 useful .
All the best !😁✌🏻✌🏻

My canvas

Unless you give it a try , you cannot explore yourself .During my school days , I arrant despised and used to elude my drawing classes.

Recently , after trying my hand at simple sketches I decided to take a step ahead and try easy-peasy canvas paintings .This helped me develop confidence and motivated me to try more.

Well,to talk about social media ,in my opinion ,you must share and publish as much as you can .This will provide you with the mixed reviews on your work from your friends which will allow you to think from different perspectives.

Cheap and cheerful skin care routine

Its been quite a few months since I have bogged a topic in particular. This idea emerges from my today’s refreshing bath with gram flour and milk when I realised this is something which I can disseminate information on.I happen to deviate a lot.Sometimes I happen to begin with a topic which I decide to set my focus on and end up penning down words on some arrant different topic. Let me not jinx my own blog this time!

We , Indians are known for the best usage of all those which are naturally available for instance ,gram flour, turmeric, sandalwood, aloe vera ,etc.for the enrichment and nourishment of our skin .Our dream to have a perfect skin often make us spend money behind skin care products and parlor treatments.However,this is possible without burning a hole in your pocket too.Home remedies do wonders on our skin , minus any side effects.

Our grand parents led an austere life be it in terms of food,clothing and what not. We might have rarely heard of grand mothers and great grand mothers drop by the spa and salons to get their manicure or facials or hair spa done and yet had this glowing,gorgeous and impeccable skin that every woman desire for .The reason is evident here.They availed the benefits of such naturally grown things as much as they could .They were not as prodigal as we are today when it comes to taking care of our skin or body as a whole.They were not ignorant the way we are , of the ways in which you can utilize what this magnanimous & big-hearted bestows upon us.

Today , we are living a life of luxury where we are unwilling to step out of the cocoon.We would shilly-shally about spending bucks on our cosmetics, merely influenced by the advertisements of such zillions of cosmetic brands who are 90% indulged in “money making”.These products ,lets say , promises to restore your skin and recover the damage and even protect from further damage but the question arises which product to trust and will it work for your skin or not. In such a quandary ,only saviour are home made scrubs and masks which contain 100% natural ingredients and you do not even have to worry about emptying your pockets .May be you can spend the same money in some productive manner.

The ostentatious and flashy features of these cosmetics tempt us to purchase them. After all , we are all about putting our grandeur on airs because using the naturally grown aloe vera for face mask would be a sign of destitution or parsimony even.

Our skin is delicate and in today’s monotonous and hectic routine , our skin tends to become dry and gloomy due to stress, lack of sleepy, nutrition ,etc. exposing it to harmful chemicals of the cosmetics should be a strict NO! We should ply by home remedies instead.So steer clear of the fancy cosmetic brands trying to gain name and fame by increasing their business and stick to natural remedies !

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